The Longwood Center for the Visual Arts

The Longwood Center
for the Visual Arts

Complete website overhaul.


The Longwood Center for the Visual Arts (LCVA) is the art museum of Longwood University. It features regional, national, and international artists, offering a wide range of exhibitions which link the community with the academic mission of the school.

As an accredited museum by the American Alliance of Museums, the LCVA felt their online presence didn't represent them adequately, so we worked hand-in-hand to completely overhaul their site. As a result, the LCVA is now able to totally manage their content through an in-depth CMS that allows different tiers of users to create, modify, and delete content.

"Media Foundations worked with us to design and deliver a site that looked great, was easy to navigate and manage. The entire process exceeded our expectations."


Rachel Ivers, Executive Director | Longwood University


Before and after

A cleaner look, with a more structured foundation.

By recreating the LCVA website, we had the opportunity to maximize the unused space that was lost on the previous version. Shockingly, negative space used to take up about 75% of the average screen.

The LCVA website features a fresh look which respects the University's branding regulations and guidelines.

Complete CMS

Because life at the University changes so often, it was important to let Longwood control as much content as possible with as infrequent interaction with us as possible. Our solution was to build the LCVA on a custom Wordpress CMS infrastructure. By building the site this way, Longwood is now able to maintain their web presence hassle and support free.



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